Side stream grayling

Side stream grayling

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 18 June 2021

Next basic stop during fishing and rafting is also real hotspot. It is quite easy to wade even when high water, nice spots and one awesome side stream. The side stream is only good in high water but what a run. There is two spots about side of 1 square meters together but you should never underestimate this small things.

All the guest want to fish, they see that it is looking good. So I share spots, one will starting from main stream and side of that, going down and heading to deep hole. Three of them I will take upstream to middle of river, so they will have great spots on both side while being on ”reef”.

One to go, instructions, you see that huge rock, next to that there is really deep and long spot. Yes, when going there fish that small side steam which is upstream from rock, that stream will take you naturally to deep spot. And off we go.

Taking again three musketeers up, different this time. We head to middle and on the reef, fish here and here, check that spot etc. I leave everyone to fish and go to set my own gears, after three days I can have few cast also. I see that down from boat guys are fishing their spots allready. I got my gears done and head to upstream. Guests haven’t got nothing yet, funny. I make cast and got one, good size, another cast and grayling. Esko come closer and fish here, Esko comes closer to shore from reef and got the fish. Okay things are working againg, also Wellu got fish. Ville is struggling, he have had difficult day so far. He saw that others are having fish from down and he decide to move there. I can see that Jarno got nice grayling from next to huge rock.

Everyones mood is up and having fun, but Ville have still issues. He is the one who has been fly fishing few years allready and I have seen this so many times before. When you put pressure on yourself to catch a fish, more and more difficult it will be. I’m suspicious if his spot was not good and go made some cast there. I hook grayling and pretty fast I realize that it is big. It is taking line and I have to walk downstream with the fish. We have real fight, fish is allready close to Esko and Wellu and there can see that it is big. I see it also and it is huge. It is close to 50 cm, maybe even over that. I got feeling that I’m getting on the neck. I have short thought about photos when it is on my hand. I start to land fish and of it goes. We never know how big it was, only that it was really big one. Easiest way to loose a fish is to take photos before it it landed. This has happened so many times before also.

I started to wonder if anyone fished that side stream. At the same time I could see how guys are doing, mostly that. I went in the beginnig of side stream and start to fish. First spot was empty. That side stream is less than 20 meters long and have only those two spots, it is ending to huge rock which is great place also. Jarno was fishing that spot and I was expecting that any minute, he will have fish. I made cast to other spot, it really small maybe 1 meter long and half meter wide, water is not more than 50 cm deep. Fly is dropping about 50 cm over the hole, going with flow, strike and fish is on. Short fight and I landed +40 cm grayling with big back fin.  I ask from Jarno if he fished this at all, answer is no. I made another similar cast, not really expecting to have fish because normally there is only one at the time. Fly dropping, going with the stream, strike, fish on, short fight and I landed another grayling about 40 cm also.

I joked to guys that I probably interrupted their sex moment. There was half true behind joke, another one was male, with big back fin, and other was female, smaller back fin. Spawning time is over allready so I didn’t jump in the bedroom in middle of action.

These small side streams are awesome during flood and beginning of season. Often people walk over them because big fish are in big and deep water. I often have nice graylings just next to shore or from sidestreams. And it is easy to show guests those also, you have no need to wade much.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland