Shot I didn't take

Shot I didn't take

Mika Lappalainen | Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Second last fishing morning, we agreed with Paul we go fishing together in the morning session. Afternoon he would take Ashly back to Gerik. Me and Satu will have afternoon session together.

In the morning Satu woke up before me as usual and she made coffee and breakfast. We did our morning things and then I start to wonder if I would go alone. Paul was still sleeping like a baby.

Afterwwhile I decided that I will get my stuff to Paul's boat and Paul will wake up soon. So I got my rods and other gears to boat. I went to cabin door and knocked carefully. Slowly opened the door and there it was the Sleeping Beauty, I asked if we would go fishing and answer was sleepy yes.

I went boat to wait and after 5 min we took off. Previous evening I had seen two set of babies close by and got chase from adult. So that area was our first target. Paul was not cheerfully as he usually is. I think that he was not fully wake yet. 

I drove to bay and found set of babies. I got myself ready, we were getting slowly closer. Babies rise, no adult. Next rise, adult is coming also. Paul says that make a shot now. I kind of freeze, I reply that it is too far away. Hell no, it was too far away. I just freezed. We followed babies and soon they came up close to boat, even too close. Adult came too, I placed fly way too close and game over.

Paul just said laconisticly let's go to find other set. I was so pissed off about shot I didn't make. It was +35 celsius or more but in that point it felt that temperature dropped below zero.

Just last night I wrote FP and told that don't wait perfect opportunity, make a shot, it's victory or die. Fuck me, I waited better opportunity and result is that it never came with that set. 

We easily overthink what we do, everything has to come like a second nature. It is not about catch, it is all about making shots. If you don't make shots, you won't catch.

Have a nice weekend and fuck me

Mika the Legend

Ps. This has been written in the boat right after not making a shot. On the photo, faces of dissatisfaction.