Sexyloops Stealth Shirts

Sexyloops Stealth Shirts

Paul Arden | Monday, 11 May 2020

Since our original mahseer stealth shirt was designed some three years ago, we have added a few more fish and design options. Last year I added a rainbow trout photo that was kindly donated by my good friend Aitor Coteron, and today, for the first time, you can see the addition of a brown trout (this was one of Ronan's underwater shots - and actually a very large fish!!). We changed the colours slightly (the fish appeared green!) and added a few red spots from another fish (because Richard, who was really after a brown trout shirt, said that the red dots were his favourite part!).

There are many options, and we have them all out there - from hoodies, to shirts with long and short sleeves, to collars and we can even add a picture of you and one of your catches. This is all possible and really at a very affordable price. The quality of the shirts is very high; I'm sure that you will have noticed that I wear mine all the time! There is very little fading of the dyes, even here in the tropics where we get a lot of sun! And I know that I wrote in the shop that I have only washed mine once, but this is not strictly true because Ashly has washed them hundreds of times :)

I am currently researching different materials as well. 

The shirt price base price starts at 60USD, if there is a lot of customising we will charge an extra ten dollars only (this is a really good deal!). The Hoodies are slightly more expensive. If you buy more than one shirt then all custom work is free. 

I really want for you to have a Sexyloops Shirt that is slightly (or very) different from everyone else's. 

I am keen to develop a Sexyloops Saltwater Shirt, say a skiff image floating around with blue/grey ocean/sky for the background image and permit/tarpon/bonefish etc as the centre piece. For this I am seraching for the perfect material that will keep you cool and block the sun! 

This week I'll be ordering new shirts, now that Malaysia has eased their lockdown regulations and my friend, who owns the shirt factory in Kuala Lumpur, is up and running again. So if you want a Sexyloops Shirt, then please get in touch and we can figure out the perfect shirt for you!

Thanks, Paul

You can find the shirts here.

Please note I am currently in the jungle and you may not get a reply uptil Wednesday! Cheers :)

FINALLY: One last thing - very important. Last week I mentioned that Stu has written a fly fishing book covering his trip here in Malaysia. He has a kickstarter project to get things rolling with the printers etc and you can place an order for his book at the same time. You can find this all happening here!