Sexyloops Front Page 350 by Bernd

Sexyloops Front Page 350 by Bernd

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 4 March 2020

This is my front page number 350 for Sexyloops. Looking into my folder of pictures which I attached within all these front pages, there were a lot of fish involved.

I think I am a very lucky guy being allowed to always live within all these fantastic fish. Right now I am about to go fishing. So this front page has to be a short one.

Some of you fine readers were asking me, why I didn't fp last Wednesday. Well, I did, but it was published on Friday as you may read here:

Sexyloops 349 by Bernd

During the last days I had some great fishing improving my fighting skills and strong tackle skills using my 12wt. rod only within some serious battles. Still there is always some new details to be learnt for me. I hope this will never end!

I was looking for leaders on fishing for Barramundi via Google. Seems to me nearly all anglers use fluorocarbon or (extrastrong) nylon from 30 upto 80lbs. test. I tried 60lbs and still managed to break off some fish. So I went for titanium in just 20 lbs.. This works brilliant compared to all the other stuff I tried. Much stronger, impossible to be broken and much thinner as well. I don't really know why this seems not to have reached the Barra experts yet? I am pretty sure this must work fanatastic on Snakehead either. I landed my first one in a large river last week, mate. ;)

Great week to all of you!

All my best


Some fish as (almost) always. ;)

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