sexyloops fly tying school part 8 - books

sexyloops fly tying school part 8 - books

t.z. | Friday, 27 November 2015

Fly tying books … I have not so very many new ones. I likes old ones, like Skues for example. These guys did actually fish and catch fish - in the hundreds. I am more sceptical towards some of the new books … 50thousand patterns for grayling isn´t a title getting my attention. Who "needs" this?

To me that sound just like another one in the „50 shades of olive“ series. Anyway, very impressive such books - given the fact that the author surely has tested all these flies intensively ... yeah, right. Very nice to look at and maybe even inspiring … but how about an entomology book? …. nough said - don´t want to get into more trouble.

Some material (books & videos) I´d recommend ... read on in part 8 of the SFTS


However - one book is very different.
The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference by Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer - a clean handicraft book showing all sort of techniques. You do not need all these, but is nice to have a beachside reference when you have an idea and don´t know quite how to achieve the result you wished for. I can only recommend it.


A very interesting and informative piece is Ralph & Lisa Cutters DVD - Bugs Of The Underworld. I watch it regularly. Looking at living, moving aquatic insects gives a very different angle than looking at flie patterns.

Another DVD series I tend to recommend is Oliver Edwards "Essential Skills" series. He covers various fly tying techniques and patterns (some rather complex but never the less interesting. What is especially like about his DVD´s is the "hole deal" approach. He does not only show the flies, he also shows how he fishes them. Pluss he is quiet a character to watch.


and last bot not least - Bob Wyatt´s - "What Trout Want"

It is quite amazing how much thought we humans put into a fly and it’s design – and this is what the book is about. It is more about humans and human perception and interpretation of why a trout east an artificial fly. Fascinating how far this can go. Wyatt makes a lot of references to other literature about the subject – which is interesting, but one needs to be a involved abit deeper in the material than say the “average interested angler” to fully appreciate his writing.

The conclusions Wyatt draws are very much in line what I have experienced. I feel Bob and I belong to a growing brotherhood of anglers using simple but effective fly designs. Fly designs, which appear bizarre easy to the very artisans amongst the fly tiers. 

Sorry that I abuse an ever so often term, but this book is a “must read”  for those interested in catching trout with their own flies. The thought process behind the fly, the selection of the fly and how to present it is very well described and discussed by Wyatt. I find that very inspiring.



picture by Al Pyke 

Thomas Züllich, or - “t.z.” as most call him - is a German flyfisher & flytier living in Norway. His flydressing is based on old traditions as well as very modern and innovative methods of creating flies. You can book Thomas for guided trips, flytying classes and presentations. He regularly gives speeches and demonstrations at fly fishing fairs. Thomas is member of the ProTeam at Partridge of Redditch as well as Regal Vises. 

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