sexyloops fly tying focus - Simon Johansson

sexyloops fly tying focus - Simon Johansson

t.z. | Friday, 27 January 2017

New kids on the Block ... it is very nice to se that more and more young guys are taking flyfishing and fly tying very seriously and give it their personal touch. Watch- and watch out for Simon Johansson - the multi lingual Swedish-Swiss fisherman -- he is like a Swiss army knife ;-)

Interview with Simon Johansson, Switzerland 


I contacted Simon via Facebook Video and we chattet away for an hour ... during his worktime, which is in a fishing shop called "" It was really funny as we had a hard time deciding which language to speak. Simon is multi linguist - German, English and Swedish fluently. Amazing really.

Simon was born and raised Switzerland but his roots are in Sweden. Simon also regularly produces his own video clips and instructions. That got me really interested. His work is really good, even though he is very young.

Simon explained that his main focus in flyfishing lays on tying, but he also enjoys fishing his flies and the best he said is the travelling involved. His favourite waters are in northern Sweden and Norway. (maybe we´ll fish together next summer … who knows)

His Swedish family brought him to fishing. "It´s really a big part of the traditions I enherited. Many of my family are and were fishing. I started already as a small child and developed his skills from worm to spinn and than to flyfishing."

Simon showed a real fascination for fishing and all related. “This starts with the preparation and anticipation at home. Also the feeling by the water, the natural experience fascinates me again and again. Another important point in fishing is the community. It is nice to spend time with friends or family time at the waterfront. Fishing is also connected and new friendships are constantly being created.”

What is your favourite species and where do you to fish for them?

Scandinavian grayling. They have beautiful colours - especially in the light of the sunset. I also find their aggressive behavior very exciting. Very different from the grayling in Switzerland though.

I love the river Torne. It is located in the north of Sweden. It is a very large, but also very varied waters. One can discover new and exciting places every day. On this river I have learned to fish and I always like to go back there. I would love to say that my favorite waters are in Norway too but I've never fished there. But is certainly high on my goals ... (t.z. - sure, no worries - let´s work on that in summer :-)

However, I plan to travel more and get to know new species of fish. But I also want to catch more native species with the fly. I also find sea trout and pike very exciting. I hope to improve my patterns in fly tying. It goes on and on. A pattern is never really finished. It´s an endless trip in a way. 

You can see Simons work on youtube -

Something else - we need one very essential thing ---- water. Without clean water there is no fishing, period. No scientific proof needed. It is a fact. Everybody knows that water is life, and without clean water there is no life. It seems like there are some people out the porposely unaware.  They don´t care. Their only interest is money. They need the water - our all water - to dump mining spoil, chemicals and so forth in it.

One would think that at least in countries where the gouvernment is elected by the people, would prevent the industry moguls from spoiling live for all. Spoiling in the literal sense. We see now that this is a naive hope. Some don´t care. They use the power they got from the people to make themselves and their buddies richer - they want want money ... not life.

The logical consequence is that these in danger and with their backs against the wall - I´m talking about you - you - you and yes you  - have to fight and take the power back.

Water does not know borders - and so should not our fight have borders. It´s an international alliance we have. A natural alliance based on the water we all need to live. 

Let´s stand together and resist this crazyness. 

Thanks for reading. 



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