Sea Trout Trip To Gotland - Sweden

Sea Trout Trip To Gotland - Sweden

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Gotland has offered us some fantastic coastal Sea trout trips during the past years. And it does RIGHT NOW!

When I came back from the jungle in Nicaragua I went directly into some fly fishing for carp in my home town. My friend Hansi joined me and we had a great time catching a pretty good number of carps. Some of them I caught by a method called German Tree Nymphing. It's a great method of spotting the fish from the bird's view position and then nailing it down with casting the fly straight down right in front of his nose. The difficult part is that you have to jump into the water in order to have a slight chance of landing the carp once you master to hook it! I had to swim badly last week. And yes, it was cold: 4 ┬░Celsius.

Saturday we went to the island Gotland in Sweden. Gotland is a fantastic island offering perfect scenary for coastal Sea trout fishing as well as a fair amount of truly wild Sea trout. Simon was with us for just 2 days and he caught several fine fish!

Then on Monday Manja started fishing with me and on her third cast she managed to land an outstanding cracking Sea trout! Man - after having seen her fishing Gotland for about 3 weeks last year and not getting a single take, this was a truly emotional moment for the both of us! (of course as a man I didn't start crying ;) ). The next morning she again caught a perfect Sea trout while I too caught some fine Sea trout.

So this year we are fully back into great coastal fly fishing. Couldn't be much better!?

For the next days the weather forecast looks quite promising and I hope we will manage to find one or two more fish!?

Hopefully you'll have such a great week either!?

Congrats to Paul and Chan for having nailed down such a catch!

All my best


Some current pictures... ;)

Gotland Sea trout