Record breaking fishing trip

Record breaking fishing trip

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 14 December 2018

So we went few days earlier to Ammarnäs than tvcrew. It was our holiday. I had been guiding whole summer more or less and not really having time to my own fishing. Satu had been busy also with other things (puppies). Idea was to have some fishing, get to know people and area for coming years. That’s all. I knew that there is nice fishing but what we found out was something beyond nice fishing. It was more or less record breaking week. And no, our fishing is not about breaking records but it is nice to have bigger ones now and then and be fish horny. Before this trip my records were, grayling 56 cm and trout 63 cm, Satu’s grayling 45 cm and trout 40 cm.

I went to fish fly fishing zone. There was also two guys from Poland and they got nice looking spot before me. So I needed to go more upstream, I found nice neck and next to that hole, you could call it black hole but not really because water is so clear that you could see bottom even there was more than 2 meter of water. I could see grayling hanging in the bottom so I decided to try it. After few cast I hooked it but that was small one, about 35 cm grayling. After that I went little bit downstream to fish pocket behind rocks. I got 49 cm grayling from there. During that time Polish gentlemen had leave and I went to fish same spot. I saw in some point that they got some around 40 cm graylings, but I thought that I give a shot. Nothing. It was time to get back to the car because Satu was waiting there, she couldn’t fish on that day because pain in the back.

I took her back to lodge and went to see other pools and maybe fish. I parked car to field (it was parking lot for fisherman) and saw same car which Polish guys were using. So I took walk to the river to see if they had booked spot before me again, but there was nobody fishing the neck. So back to the car and I took my brand new HT6 first time to use. Back to the neck and started casting. I saw where I should get my fly, I had that feeling. It needed 1 meter more to get my fly where I thought fish would be, got it and as soon fly dropped in the water and sink, I got strike. Nice powerful take, there was no nice I will taste this. It was pure hit and kill – take. And then straight to downstream on heavier current. My luck was that I could easily follow from my side of main stream because water was shallow there. After 10 second I felt in love….. to my rod. It was so good with fish, I know already that it is nice to cast but in action, oh man. After short fight I was able to land 66 cm trout, beautiful fat trout. Photos and some video and back to the river. For me it was time to finish fishing from that day and spent time with wife. On the way back I met polish guys and we changed our greetings about fishing. Nice chat like always when you talk about fishing.

Next day back to exploring, I went to check one rapid by myself. I caught some smaller graylings and then afternoon with Satu back to fly fishing zone. This time she was able to fish also which was good news for coming days. I showed the “hot spot” to her and went upstream to fish neck. I was hoping to catch some trout from there. What I had was close to disaster. I was casting and shooting line out, I felt something funny and then saw that line was slipping thru the rings and one end was hanging from reel. My fly line cut down during casting by itself, I was able to crab line just before it slipped out from rod and got everything back. There was 16 meter line out so there has to be mistake in manufacturing. The problem was that I didn’t have any spare line with me and I knew that I need this combination during making TV. Satu had finished her fishing on hot spot and told me to try. So I went of course, fish horny again. Second cast and I hooked something, I couldn’t tell size but probably okay one. After while I saw that was better than okay one. I landed it  and it was my new record grayling, nice 58 cm. Again time to back and head back to lodge and figure out how and where to get line to HT6. Back on lodge they told me that there is other fishing lodge which have same brand lines, which was cutted down. ( I had already find out that it will go on guarantee) So I went to find if they have similar one but of course not. My luck was again that they had some old lines for extra sale, not really old ones but old models you could say. So I bought line for 9 euros, it is good spare line for now on.

Last fishing day before Tvcrew would come, we started afternoon, in the morning we took a look about other waters around but didn’t fish because we had license for fly fishing zone again. Satu went back on hot spot and I’m back on the neck. There was about 100 meter between so I could see what she is doing. I was mostly taken photos when I saw that her rod is bending a lot. I ran to her, she is always making me run, there is no other woman who can do that. Grayling was already done for landing so I net it. That was Satu’s new record, 49 cm grayling.  After that we went upstream to find other rapid and had nice fishing there. I landed 5 graylings which all were between 40 cm to 48 cm. It was nice day indeed. Satu broke her trout record during tvshooting in Laivacamp up in the mountains. She got one about 50 cm trout and other one which was more close to 55 cm, that one slipped just before accurate measurement. ( she broke trout record again in Varzina and lost one really big one, reason for other FP later during the wintertime)


Have a nice weekend


Ps. Photos as usual, all from record breaking trip.

car packed  trout fly
66 cm trout+40 cm grayling grayling 49 cmfin of 49 cm grayling
fin of 58 cm grayling

58 cm grayling
satus trout nice colours in fin