Record Breakers

Record Breakers

Tracy&James | Sunday, 17 October 2021

As well as the overall records in the seven disciplines that are routinely cast at each BFCC event, there are also age related records, with two classes for juniors (under 14 and under 18) and senior classes for those who are 50 plus, 60 plus, 70 plus and 80 plus (if you’re still tournament casting in your eighties like Mike Marshall is). As such, even if the overall records look a bit daunting it still may be possible to get into the record list by beating the many age category bests. Looking back over the year, we’ve managed to hold five BFCC meetings spread across the country and had some great casting competitions. Records were broken (and re-broken) at all of the meetings this year.

Accuracy has been the event in which the record holders havechanged many times throughout the year. At Kent in May, Keiannounced that he was now in the Senior 50+ category much to the surprise of everyone else who thought he was 36.  He then proceeded to take the Senior 50+ record from Ross with a score of 47, to go along with the overall record that he heldfrom 2019 (Ross started the year with 4 different Senior 50 records, unfortunately the BFCC didn’t manage to get over to Jersey so all he could do was watch as they were beaten, leaving him with just one record, the ST27, at the end of the year). In Derbyshire, TC decided he would practice for the accuracy competition ahead of the event and this paid off as he claimed the overall record from Kei.  However, in Cheshire Kei hit back and re-took the overall record and extended the S50 record, but the overall record lasted for all of 6 minutes as TC was up next and managed to pip the new overall record despite having a complete miss on his first target. Mike Heritage claimed the vacant Veteran 70+ accuracy record (yes, I know – another one proving that fly casting keeps you looking young) at the first meeting of the year and then waited until the last one of the year in Essex to beat it with a score of 44.  I know he wants to push this much further next year also.

As James has only recently turned 50 and Mike H turned 70, they both took the opportunity to work through somerespective age records. In Kent, James beat the Senior 50 #5trout distance record previously held by Ross.  He also extended his overall Salmon overhead distance record to 217ft, taking Ross’ Senior 50 best at the same time (this is still way below James’ best though so hopefully, on the right day, there’s much more distance to come).  In Cheshire, James’ new Senior 50 5# trout distance record was beaten by Kei with a fantastic cast of over 130ft.  James is determined to get this one back but first has to get through his mental block of casting over 130ft in a BFCC competition – I often measure his casting in practice and sometimes he throws more 130’s than 120’s, but it’s a different story on a comp day.  He was quite pleased to have cast over 120ft in every event of the year though.

In Somerset, Mike H beat the Salmon Overhead Veteran 70 record, previously held by Mick Copeman.  He then smashed it by over 20ft in Essex after being told to make the back-cast stop with pull-back rather than with ‘just’ enough power to straighten it. This year, Mike also beat the Veteran 70 ST27 record, also previously held by Mick, by over 10ft. However,Mick is still showing he’s capable of fighting back as in Kenthe extended his 5# trout distance Veteran 70 record to a remarkable 124ft. Also Mike Marshall is still showing that he’s capable of setting records as he extended his Veteran 80 T120 record (his favourite discipline) in Kent.

Personally, I have only managed to extend two of my records this year; the ST27 in Kent and the T120 in Essex. Next year,however, I aim to do better and I know I will set some records as several of the ladies S50 records are vacant and I’ve got a big birthday coming up soon! ;-)