put your clothes on

put your clothes on

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 10 January 2020

It is mid winter now. It should be cold but instead it has been raining water in some days and then got about – 4 celsius. So everything is slippery and icy. Anyway it made me think about clothing not only in wintertime but especially in summer and what you put on under waders etc. Past few days I have seen so many youngters walking around with bare angles in the name of fashion, even it was – 15 celsius. Also guests have been wondering how I can survive just with two pullovers and leather jacket, and long johns and lederhosen.

And anwers is pretty easy one, because those are natural not synthetic. Also in winter it is up to layers, you add layer when it is getting colder but your outdoor clothing has to be one size bigger so you will be able to fit those layers and still have air inside. I have seen people have many layers but outter clothes are too small so it is making you feel colder instead warm. It is funny how people come here and they ask how to wear but won’t do like they are told because overall is not beautiful.

Another reason is not just clothing is that you are probably missing brown fat from your body. If are Scandinavian or from Russia you have brown fat which is heating your body when it is cold. Most of people from Europe won’t have that so….. just put your clothes on.

But in summer, You are probably use to fish in temperature around +20 or even more, waters might be also around that so you will be just fine with t-shirt and waders. In here it is different again, you are lucky to have +20 and waters which are same. (we had that 2 years ago but at the same time fishing was not good when waters were almost +24 celsius).

So how I dress up? I dress under waders depending about water and upper body for depending about weather. In the beginning of season waters are just warming up and it is starting normally from + 8 or 10 celsius so I might have two layers under waders, both of them from merinowool. Air might be +18 and sunshine so t-shirt (short sleeves) is just fine. When waters are warming during the summer then I have only one merinowool layer under waders, and again in autumn two when waters are getting colder again. During the summer it is rare to see me with wading jacket, it is either t-shirt with long sleeves and over that t-shirt with short sleeves or just tee-shirt with short sleeves.  You might think that I’m over clothing under waders but really I don’t want have problems with peeing when getting older. Also you should think where you sit during the breaks when not fishing, rocks might be cold ones even in warm day. And also you quite easily rub your ass against rock and destroy your waders accindently. I often use piece of foam so it is keeping ass warm (balls) and protecting waders when having break. Ladies you will have similar issues but different names for parts which you want keep warm. My socks are also from wool or merinowool, it is keeping feet warm and give sense of dry whole day. The thing is that when you have moisture in shoes or waders you start feel cold easily. We have old trick to keep beer cold during the day, take wool sock, make it wet and put your beer can or bottle inside of that, when sock is drying it will cool your beer.

So I wear wool or merinowool most of the time when fishing, for example long john which I use have 100 % merino inner layer and outerlayear is 90% merino and 10% polyamide. Socks are pretty much same. I use them in winter and summer. There is nothing else which is more annoying than to be cold, especially if you are fishing.

Have a nice weekend and put your clothes on

Mika from Finland

Ps. Remember the hat, most of your body heat is going out from your head and it is also safety issue.