Practise and clean lines

Practise and clean lines

Viking Lars | Saturday, 15 December 2018

Practising fly casting is fun, and I’ve done it more in 2018 than I have for 3-4 years, and it’s been great getting back in to some pratising routines. I’ve always practised, but mainly just gone out and had some fun for an hour or two. And in some ways, I still think that’s a very good way of doing. Having fun doing something is always the best.

But I have been more focused, as I’ve written about in earlier front pages. I have worked mainly on my carry (and hence stroke) and precision. Precision is fun and more (much more) useful in many more situations than most flyfishers seem to think. This summer was great for it, but now, even the winter nights are great for an hour in the dark.

Have you tried Paul’s new DT lumiline? I think is more luminous than the previous version, and it’s a DT, so it’s thicker overall, and hence glows better and longer. I use a 10w UV-torch to charge mine and it *really* glows.

I got two, so I of course chopped one into two shooting heads. One around 32 feet, which I cast on my 5-wt, and one around 50 feet, which I’ve had great fun casting on my 8-wt. I’ve been looking into to getting some luminous mono to use a shooting line, but haven’t really gotten around to ordering some yet.

The lumilines are great as they allow you a meaningful session in the dark, but as Paul’s often pointed out, there’s also a lot to be gained from being able to focus entirely on the line (the rod’s back and invisible in the dark, of course). And more than anything - it’s mesmerising…

What I really wanted with this front page was to let you know of a few items I bring with me when I practice. Apart from rod, reel and line of course, I bring the following (in the PoD):

An extra leader or two (I use 9’ 0X or 1X).
Tube for nail knot if I need to change leader.
Line cleaning tool (homemade, leather backed with thick wool felt).

And of course some yarn for fluff.

I run the line through the felt pads with a little Shoot before and after (and during if a long session) practise. I’ve got a thing about clean flylines. They cast *much* better, they last longer, the impart less wear on rod and guides. And make no mistake - lines pick up lots of dirt - fast! Check out this rag, which I used to clean a line that I had used for two teaching sessions (and neglected to clean it in between). The line performed like new again!

Have a great weekend! Keep those lines clean!