Pimp my landing net

Pimp my landing net

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 26 November 2021

You know what pimp my ride means, google translator knows also. Pimp my landing net is something what google translator don’t know, well it knows but meaning is not even close what I would like to have. Anyway that is headline. I have been looking landing net which would float from ring. It would be perfect to have fish there while getting camera, measure etc ready.

I have found few options but then started to think. I do have good landing nets with great net and shape. So why buy new ones and old ones would hang on the wall. I got my idea while searching and buying insulation around pipes. I have to insulate some pipes from our Nook for the winter time and I found good solution for that. Foam insulation with glue seal.

Those foam tubes are 1 meter long, so cutted as two 50 cm piece and put those around ring on landing net. I started next to handle so it should be balanced when in the water. It should work as fish chest when getting things ready for measuring, photos etc. Fish should be able to ”swim” and it would be as long as possible in the water when getting it ready to release. This is my plan for bigger fishes and the ones which maybe should be in the photos.

I secured foam with red bandage, just in case if glue doesn’t hold. Main reason was that I will have measure in there also, when you get straight line between bandages it is 40 cm. I now have to find place where to test balance. Test how it will work in real life won’t be until next summer. Foam cost 4.5 euros and new net would be around 50 euros. When it works as planned it was cheap pimp for my landing net.

Have a nice weekend

Mika the Legend