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Out and about

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 6 July 2021

The Malaysian State where I am based moved out of hard lockdown yesterday, although there are still many restrictions in place. I had my first vaccine shot on Saturday, so I do feel that things are moving forward. This means a return to fishing and hopefully we can finish the final episodes of the TV series later this month. I don’t expect many guests this year, probably no International guests at all is my guess! However I am pretty busy at the moment giving fly casting lessons on Zoom. I will continue this until International holiday travel is allowed into Malaysia again. So at least for a few more months and probably until the end of the year. It’s been fun, for a while a bit of a lifeline and I’ve seen some fantastic progress in my students. Well done!!

Now over on the Board we have an interesting discussion about locking/blocking in fly casting, and it’s quite new to many of us to think about flycasting in these terms, and I know that we are, each of us, using the terms slightly differently! So in order to hopefully find some agreement and a better understanding, I have made a video of three different casting techniques: Closed Stance Accuracy, Open Stance Distance and the 170.


This is actually one of my favourite casting drills… “closed accuracy style from a short line carry, gradually increasing carry until it’s at the comfortable maximum, and then switch over to open distance stance and continue gradually lengthening carry, again until the maximum comfortable is reached, and then go into full blown 170 and gradually extend carry to the max.”

This is actually one of my Zoom Casting drills that I’ve taught to many people this year and have seen some excellent results. It only works with a long belly or DT fly line of course!

I hope also to have Andy’s interview of Dale Clemens up today. It’s another one we don’t appear to have on Sexyloops! Here it is:


Later today I shall be moving down the lake to one of my favourite bays. I fitted a mobile signal booster to the roof of the Battleship last week, with the hope that it will enable me to give Zoom classes and keep up to date with Sexyloops, in an area where the fishing can be truly excellent. Finger crossed!!

Well that’s it from me. Have a great week. After one month of hard lockdown it’s nice to feel a little bit freer again!

Cheers, Paul