Michal Duzynski | Sunday, 20 December 2015

I think I finally get to the conclusion about Saltwater Fly Fishing. Maybe some of you won’t agree, but after my Wednesday trip with Vince I completely changed my point of view. It would be different if living in prime locations like Exmouth, CXI, or Far North QLD, but even there you need a boat to get to good spots. What I was doing until now was not a saltwater fly fishing instead it was casting saltwater gear into salt water and IMAGINING to hook up something big.

Of course you can a flathead or a bream, but this is not what I’m after. SWFF for me is about big, angry pelagic species that will put your 10wt to the limit and make your reel screaming while pulling 200m of backing.

If I only have a little tinnie ($3000 would do me - and it is on the list), THE GOLD COAST SEA WAY can make my dreams come true. This place is 50min drive from me and has everything Saltwater fly fisherman can dream about, Queenfish, Kingfish, Travelly, GT, Jewfish and even Tuna. In a good day big fish are busting the surface everywhere, you cast to the bait balls and have extreme amount of fun - can’t do without the boat though.

I have learned so much from Vince about boat handling, files, tackle and tactics, and let me tell you 5h sessions are enough, because if the fish are there they’re there and there is no point drifting the whole day waiting for miracle to happen. Very important though - you have to be ready with your tackle. At least 4 rods with different density lines on it ready to go - why?

Imagine yourself dredging the bottom, and in the same moment big school of GT or Kingies are busting the surface chasing bait fish, what you do? - wind, drop it, grab another rod and cast as quick as you can - fish are quick and you have to be too. The amount of adrenaline is amazing and its a great fun.

My final statement about all this imaginary saltwater fly fishing is NO BOAT NO FUN, and I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN - I WILL HAVE FUN( soon hopefully), meanwhile will catch some AUSSIE BASS.


PS: The FP picture is a Big Eye Trevally that end up on my dinner table - Vince caught it- who else :-):-):-)

PPS Happy birthday Lars!