New Year’s (Fishing) Resolutions

New Year’s (Fishing) Resolutions

Matt Klara | Sunday, 30 December 2018

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! I’ve been thinking back on a wonderful year filled with many new experiences. But now I’m looking forward. It’s good to have goals and resolutions going into the new year, I think. Something like a list to consider when you are “bored” or stuck in a rut wondering what to do with yourself.

Aside from all the eating better and exercising more type stuff, it’s also good to have some fishing resolutions.  I’m not sure if I’ll achieve all of these in 2019, but at least I’ll have this page to log back into for ideas, and to keep track of my successes.  So, without further ado, some 2019 Fishing Resolutions, with order not realted to importance...

1: Fish the booby and blob successfully on stillwaters here in the USA.  I still don’t get why some people think these flies are like cheating.
2: Hike to Mountain Lake X with my wife to fish for cutthroat trout.  This was on the list for 2018, but it didn't happen.
3: Go steelhead fishing again.  It’s been way too long.
4: Take my son fishing as many times as he lets me, and let him “pet and release” every fish.
5: Fish 5 places within 3 hours of my house that I’ve never fished before.
6: Take at least one friend and their kid fishing who doesn’t get to go fishing much.
7: _________
8: _________

I haven’t thought of those last two yet, but I will soon. 

May you all have a happy, healthy, and fishy 2019.

Take Care and Fish On,