Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 16 September 2022

Last Sunday we fished our private lake with nets. We put 2 net in, each 30 meters, to have some fish to eat and also to see if we still have some whitefish there.

We got some nice catches during spring when ice fishing. I was not sure what is situation now and what size of perch we have. During the summer we have caught some small pike and good size perch and everything else have been more or less missing.

We got two net in the water and I had plan to put two more when we saw that we have allready some fish in net. We went to took them off and saw that there was some more, so I decide to rake net out allready. It was there overall about 30 minutes. We took nine big whitefish and I released two big perch and three big whitefish.

From those nine fish we salted 4 file and smoked four fish, three went in freezer for later use. So this week we have been eating fish.

I'm happy with result, we have some good fish in the lake and I know there are some young ones growing. Today our guests went fishing by themselves. I was helping my friend with reindeer fence when I got message and video from Satu. It was about fishing, women had huge pike on and they try to land it. I could see pike on surface and gow they try to get it in the landing net. Net was way too small and they could only get head inside. They should tried different way, still it doesn't matter, I knew that landing net they had could take weight from that fish.

Afterwards they told me that they had it, after unable to netting fish, close to shore and just before getting it line broke.

I do have mixed feelings now, I knew that we have some big pike in the lake, one sign has been that perch are getting bigger and also we have big whitefish there. Huge pike keeps amount of smaller pikes more or less in control. The thing is that if that pike is now too big allready and how many we have those. Should I remove it and let some other pike take over. In this option there are chance that pike population will explode and all the others are vanishing or getting less. On the other hand that pike could make big damage to whitefish population. I have been using lot of time and energy to get in this point where we are now, I'm happy about quality and size of fish we have there.
And then, nature will get it way so why should I play god... We see how it will turn out, one thing is for sure, I want to land that fish.

How big it was... I would say close to 10 kg and 120 cm long. Back of the fish was like a pig before slaughter, fat and round.

Challenge excepted, I need to catch that fish now when I know it is there. I will go rafting today and then hopefully have time for pike hunting.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing