Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 25 December 2020

It is Christmas eve when I'm writing this. Santa has just finished his round in Finland and is heading to Europe and USA. Last week was kind of shitty. I flipped my snowmobile on last Thursday and twisted my left knee little. On Tuesday I went in the evening to Oulu (230km), so they could do mri. Result was that side of the knee ligament is partially torn. Time will heal I hope there is no need for surgery right now. On the way back I was passing by one parking place which reminded me our first fishing trip to Kosto river with Satu.

I had heard my friends that they start season on Kosto river allready during April, grayling fishing can be great on that time. (This was years ago, now grayling is forbidden to fish on April and May, because of spawning). So I asked instructions about where they normally fish and how to get there. Instructions were clear, you come on long straight before parking place there is road, turn right and then right away right again. After 200 meters there is place where you can leave a car and have walk about 200m. Pretty clear instructions, especially when you know which straight we are talking about, which I knew.

So few days later it was time to go for test fishing with Satu. We still had snow about 50  in forest and some places more or less. So we came on that straight, found parking spot and start to have walk about 200 meters in forest. Snow was almost to knee and it was kind of heavy walk. After walk I could see open line in the forest and thought that now we are coming to river. I saw house on left side of us and I was thinking that they have house in really good spot by the river. We arrived to open line with Satu. There was no river but a road. As you could see I missed two turns before taking a walk. I had no idea what road it was so we walked back thru forest.

I called to my friend and asked how we would get to that spot, never mentioned that we had walk allready. I got instructions again and finally got to the river. It was and still is nice area for fly fishing. I don’t remember lot about fishing on that day except that I got trout with my glenfiddich –fly. It was not big, about 40 cm but it was nice catch because fly was kind of unique one.

Butt in fly is made from signet of Glenfiddich whiskey. In this case 15 years old. Body colour is same as in the whiskey, golden thread, wing is brown hen. Simple, there is no exact recipe because it is one in the world and there is small change that I had drink few glass of whiskey before making fly almost 20 years ago

Merry Christmas

Mika the Santa from Finland

  1. Happy birthday to my dear wife Satu. It is your day today.