Lock down

Lock down

Viking Lars | Saturday, 21 March 2020

Denmark is more or less locked down like many other countries in Europe and the rest of the World. We’re not under curfew, but honestly, if the latest restriction don’t have a positive effect on infection rates, I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens. The news went out last Wednesday evening, effective as of last Thursday noon. Borders are closed and we’re seeing the government taking actions we haven’t seen since World War II.

If you’re under lock-down or curfew, there was never a better time to fill your boxes, do some tackle maintenance, get some casting practice in (if you’re allowed to go out for that), maybe even clean the car.

And although I suspect many of you will smile at this meme, which I swiped from someone on Facebook (it certainly applies to me), if you can - and if you need anything, now’s the time to support your favourite dealer - preferably by buying online to reduce risk. Some online stores in Denmark are offering reduced or even free shipping due to the circumstances. Personally I just got an order of Lagartun tinsels delivered to my door.

I’ve always enjoyed fishing alone, but I’ve also always enjoyed fishing with friends and meeting with friends, and when going through approximately 600 photos on a memory card yesterday evening, I stumbled over the one in today’s PoD.

Last summer a handful of us met at Søren’s place to tie a classic salmon fly under the guidance of Håkan Karsnäser from Sweden. It was a great day of fly tying, stories, pizzas and learning. And of course just in the true, fly fishing sense of sharing. Håkan even supplied us with all the materials, and I can guarantee that some of them weren’t cheap! It’s strange how not being able to do something makes you miss it almost as much a doing it. I look forward to being able to meet with friends again.

Stat safe out there and respect the authorities. I think it’s safe to say that the cost of the measures being taken around the world is enough for everyone to realise that this is not an over reaction, it’s not panic, it’s not too much. It’s serious!

If you're in any state of lock down, how are you spending your time?

Have a great weekend - despite everything!