Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 11 December 2020

Insane week behind, I thought it would be slow week with reindeer but hell no. Monday my snowmobile got new name, Kursk. Kursk was Russian submarine which sank 20 years ago. Sad accident but name has been living after that.

So this is not about fishing but have context to water anyway. Monday we went to gather some reindeer in the area where they were kind of wrong place. We got everything ready and I drove with snowmobile over bay to cape, that I would be ready when reindeer try to come over bay. Other herders took herder from mainland and start to move them to the fence. And as we quess reindeers try to come to bay. I started snowmobile and reindeer turned back to mainland just to come back. I drove on the ice and herd reindeer, turn them once and they were going to right direction.

Then leading reindeer got idea about come over bay again. I speed up and start to push reindeer so they would turn right. Last from herd saw her change to make 180 turn and escape behind me. I slow down and felt that ice was breaking under. Brains didn’t even give command when my reflex hit the gas and snowmobile jumped over the water. Then my brains fucked up everything, they said that you are okay and can slow down just the little bit and turn snowmobile and keep herding. I felt how snowmobile went again thru surface, thumb hit the gas but it was too late to jump back over water. Body was slowly sinking underwater when I stand on snowmobile and front (skies, motor etc) where laying on the ice.

I stopped engine and was hoping that ice will hold front (there was 10 cm ice but because of warm weather it was gone shitty). I heard from radio that others had seen accident and my friend was allready coming to help. I stand on snowmobile when he attached rope to ski and hold it so you could come off from lake to the ice. My ass was wet and kind of everything down from that.

Time to rescue, we got rope, two snowmobiles more and pulled mine out from water. We got it to the car and I took it to garage for checking. They allready called my snowmobile as Kursk even original one really went down. So from now on when we talk about my snowmobile it has been Kursk.

They say that 3 cm it is enough for ice fisherman, 5 cm to human. Then 10 cm what we have now should be enough for car allready, but when it is not hard it numbers don’t match. My friend told me that ice was not enough because I didn’t had my fishing gears with my. It is nice when your friends can cheer you up.

Have a nice weekend

Mika, Captain of Kursk of Finland