Kiss of the T120

Kiss of the T120

Tracy&James | Sunday, 15 August 2021

Just back from Derbyshire where we held our first BFCC Meeting in Ashford in the Water, near Bakewell. It’s such a beautiful location close to the river Wye. It was a very busy event with people coming along during the day for tuition with some fantastic instructors and to watch or take part in the competitions. We started with accuracy that James and Kei normally take turns to win, however today we have a new star as TC thrashed them both and took the overall record to boot!

The rest of the competition was more varied as the wind came and went, though sometimes into our faces. The first issue was the direction to cast in as when Kei and James tested the ‘casting lanes’ initially chosen, both cast over a stone wall and into a tree. Though when eventually the casting lanes were sorted, TC ended up with a glaring red welt on the back of his neck after feeling the ’kiss’ of the T120 line.

After a very long lunch with much casting and socialising, we started the last three events mid-afternoon. However TC managed to get all of his longest 5# casts out of his system before the timed sessions and ended up being beaten by James. I personally found the day great fun, but didn’t cast my best as I was too busy socialising and instead had lots of fishing info ready for our next Derbyshire trip. Hearing about the wonderful evening rises on the local rivers was intriguing and I look forward to fishing them sometime. However, I will be fishing when you are reading this, though on the Welsh Dee, as James and I are taking TC fishing for coming second in the PULD virtual competition earlier this year – just hope we’re not too hungover after a pub crawl tonight (the other part of the prize!). TC did try a PULD during the 5# comp as he has won the BFCC event previously doing this, but not today.

We had a fantastic day catching up with friends we haven’t seen for a while and making new friends that we hope to meet at future meetings. Looking forward to the next Meeting in Cheshire on the 18th Sept 2021 – it’s our ‘home’ event, so we’re hoping to have a full house for the weekend with lots of fishing and casting around the day.