Kayak rigging

Kayak rigging

Viking Lars | Saturday, 7 February 2015

I've bought a few add-ons for my kayak. A simple anchorline management system (or - a simple nylon plate) from YakAttack. I saw one at a friend's and I think it's a great and simple way to manage the anchorline. And it even attaches to a small rail, so I can keep it away from the bottom of the kayak. I've yet to figure out the optimal placement, but that'll come.

And this is it: anchorline management system (or - a simple nylon plate) from YakAttack!

It's not that I use the anchor much. I sometimes drop it folded to create some drag and use it as a drogue, but I'd rather use a real drogue. Sometimes I'll anchor up to fish a location, but rarely. So I just need easy storage of the line and still have it easily deployed. I'll mount it this weekend, I think.

I've never really thought about a depth/fish finder for the kayak, but I recently had a great trip with a friend in boat, and he's has a nice Garmin-unit that also has GPS.

There are some really nice advantages to a GPS/depth/fishfinder unit. One is knowing the exact depth, which is nice and has obvious advantages. The GPS offers a lot of security for one thing, but also two other nice features. Recording drifts and marking waypoints - when you discover a nice feature that holds fish, you can simply mark it and easily find your back the next time.

I'm not sure which one to get yet, but if you're thinking along the same lines, I'd love to hear about your experiences. There's a thread on the Board, which sparked my own thoughts.

I'll be fitting a few other things as well - a new motor plate (the old one broke) and a water proof box for the battery.

It'll be a while before I take the kayak out again, but it's nice to do a little rigging and make sure it's ready.

Have a great weekend!


Scotty gear
These Scotty-brackets are great. You can mount virtually any Scotty-gizmo in them. This one is at the front of my kayak and usually I have my rod holder in there, but it's quick and easy to switch the rod holder for a cup holder when you need it.