I'm not expert

I'm not expert

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 23 September 2022

but I can check. It is kind of same like, I don't know anything about this but I will gladly give my opinion. You probably know someone like this.

And those people can make your life crazy. If you have live with teenagers you should know. Anyway we have had crazy week so far. I have been building round-up fence and Satu has been running things at farm.

We have been doing some tv-shooting for Italian RAI 3 channel. Original plan was fishing, reindeer and berries/mushrooms, now we have ended up with lot of other things also and instead two days we will have one more day to go.

I'm not expert about tv-shooting even have been doing about 20 programms. What I do know is fishing, and 100% sure I know more about that than most of directors. And if we go more on the edge, I know more than any director in world about fishing in here. That is pretty easy statment to do.

Anyway we did some fishing shooting, director just walked on shore, everyone was looking how light is coming and that kind of technical stuff. Yes, running water was nice, sun was shining etc. And one month ago it was good spot. I try to tell them that we won't catch sizeable fish from here easily. That we should go 200 meters upstream which would be much better spot.
We fished with Satu about 30 minutes on spot they wanted to us to fish, I caught one about 30 cm grayling and that's it.

on that point crew was willing to go on spot I wanted to fish, about 20 minutes later we were ready to go because they had to choose gears etc. I was watching how clouds were gathering and was really worried if weather will turn shitty.

My first spot was not success, luckily Satu had have some strikes on her spot. I decided to check one from little bit down from Satu. Pretty fast, I got strike and lost one, and lost another one, and strike. Finally I hooked one well enough to land, 35 cm grayling. I got thumbs from crew and we could move on to other scene.

It is funny how we take someone to show or teach how to do something, or how to do it better than earlier and yet we won't listen how to do it. Afterwards I heard word bellissimo was used quite a lot. I know it is beautiful or something like that. So eventually everyone were happy. Sometimes we could skip hard way and just except that someone knows better than us.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing