Ice Age

Ice Age

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 24 February 2021

For almost 2 weeks we were facing ice age in Germany coming along with minus 15 Celsius. All my home waters (and many more) were safely covered under ice.

Some days ago the temperature went straight up from minus 15 to plus 19 Celsius. 34 degrees more makes quite a difference and it killed the ice quickly. The moment the ice started to break, I went fishing again.

Caught several Zander right away in the first day and some more in the next days. Man, I was missing to fish. I didn't have a 10 days break from fishing for the past 15 years - not used to that!

So right now I am in a hurry. Sun is already up and I am about to meet some water...

I hope you all stay safe and soon will have more freedom to go fishing again and to travel wherever you want to.

Crazy times still. Yesterday I was asking the authorities where in my home town I would have to wear what kind of mask. Believe it or not, my home town is small, but it took 15 minutes to understand the current rules about wearing a mask. There are places where I only need to wear a mask in the weekend. Than there are places where I need to wear a mask all the time. Then there are places, where I don't have to wear a mask, but they want me to wear a mask anyway (based on my own personal decision). But that's not all. In some places I need to wear one of two certain kinds of masks being approved here, while in other areas again I am allowed to wear whatever sort of mask I want to. Seemed to me the goverment has still not much of a clue how to handle the whole situation in a way people would know what they are allowed to do and what not. The worst part about all this is, that the rules are changing almost day by day.

Ok, enough of that, I will go fishing NOW!

Great week to all of you!

All my best


Some pictures as always...