Home (nearly) BFCC Event

Home (nearly) BFCC Event

Tracy&James | Sunday, 19 September 2021

We have just returned from the latest BFCC Meeting at our home location (well nearly – it was just on the Welsh-English border) and we had a glorious day weather wise, but sadly the wind was light, although we can tell that on another day the venue will provide a good wind for potential record attempts. Saying that, we did have a few records broken today, first Kei beat the accuracy record that Zhongxiang set at the last meeting, but he only held the record for 4 and a half minutes before Zhongxiang beat him and won the record back.

We are thankful that we had some fantastic support from the instructors, Mark, Mike, Paul and Phil, who provided tuition all day, even though Mark was hobbling around in a large orthopaedic boot. One chap who had attended BFCC Meetings years ago, came along and had some great tuition and successfully achieved a 30 yard badge to accompany his previous 25 yard badge. Overall we had great feedback on the tuition from everyone.

The instructors and several other new attendees supported the competition events during the day, though as we ran them with lots of breaks due to providing demos of the outfits, we ended up finishing later than normal, significantly after 5pm.However everyone had a lovely day and many are looking to attend future meetings. Several had never cast the T38 or T120 before and found it a challenge but one they relished.

As a new venue, this worked well, easy to find and great space, with lots of shopping close by for partners who don’t fish/cast. We’ll definitely will be back next year.

After the event, we took Mark, Mike and Zhongxiang out for a meal in our home town as they are staying with us and we are going fishing on the river Dee on Sunday. We ended up moving table three times; the first time they put us near to a ‘baby shower’ party… then Mark had some difficulty getting into the ‘tight’ booth area, and not because of the large boot…lol :)

The discussion during the meal has typically gone from the antics of the day, to the physics behind casting – as always I leave them to it – sadly I’m driving so can’t just drink lots of alcohol.

Whilst you are reading this, we should all be on the River Dee catching lots of fish, well, all except Mark who will be supervising from the bank. His large ‘boot’ restricts him from wearing waders and it’s not really the weather for wet wading.James however might be better to go wet wading as his new waders, that just arrived this week, leaked straight from the box so he’ll get wet anyway.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, have a great time,