Heavy Rods

Heavy Rods

Michal Duzynski | Sunday, 7 February 2016

In Australian TV shows there is a lot of fishing for a big fish.
 Massive barra, huge GT(up to 50kg), big reef fish, game fish like marlin, sailfish, wahoo, and over 20kg kingfish.
 When I watch it and see them casting these massive lures on the heavy rods I wonder if I would have any chance with a fly rod in such an environment.

I read, and watced a few bits and pieces about fly fishing for really big fish, but never gave it much attention as I can’t even catch a small pelagic myself.

Couple weeks ago I came across very interesting topic on an Australian saltwater fly fishing forum about gearing up for big fish.
 My front page today will be connected to this link where you can read and see how the guys who do it quite regularly gear up with HEAVY RODS for a big and heavy fish.

Gearing up for big fish here!

Maybe one day I will have a chance to write about my own experience.