heat is still on

heat is still on

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 16 July 2021

Last weekend there was some thunder and heavy rain, waters were cooling down for two days. Now heat is again on and I do miss cooler weather and rain. Water temp is again +22 celsius and since it is mid July water levels are starting to go down. No reason to fish grayling or trout. Thursday I had to make new plan how to do guiding and teach basics about fly fishing.

I had two guiding trips on Thursday. One in the morning and other in the evening. Morning was basics about flyfishing. So I chose part of the river which is now kind of full of roach and perch. I could see some graylings also but it was easy to skip those spots.

We concentrared about roll cast and fishing techniques. Guests got some roach (well so much that they had to change spot so they could train casting). We tried also nymphing technique and little bit overhead casting. Morning was great, their next stop was fishing shop and they went to bought gears for their new hobby.

In the evening I had more pressure, I had 10 years old boy how is absolutely crazy about fishing. My original plan was to do some flyfishing with him. I talked with him while driving to river and I decide to give him good lesson about river fishing and that he could catch some fishes.

My decission was good even my first spot choice was not so good. Normally it is good spot for asp, perch and pike but now water was so low that it was difficult to use any lures. So we moved fast different spot. I knew that there would be some deeper water for spinning, also it is good place for pike and perch.

From second spot we got some crazy experience for boy. I put some weight in the end of line and two flies up from that. He made cast and hooked roach, about 10 meters before landing everyhting stopped. He said that it stuck in the rock and I thought same thing that weight had gone between rocks. I took the rod and waded deeper to get it off. I was able to solve problem, it was not a rock but huge pike took the roach and just laid down on the bottom. I gave rod back to the boy and he continued fight, it was not really our game in any point, having roach on the fly which was eaten by huge pike. You all guess how it end up, line was cutted. At least he got good story to tell his mom.

We continued fishing and he was able to land nice size perch which was his record. He was badly hoping to get one grayling because he had never got one but this time there was no success on that.

Now with these warm (hot) waters fishing and guiding has turned little bit funky, so far I have been able find solution. There is some rain coming now and also on Sunday. Weather should be cooling down for +20 celsius on daytime and for +15 on night. Hopefully waters are cooling from that, otherwise season is ending fast this year.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland