guiding again

guiding again

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 9 April 2021

It has been almost 7 months from my last guiding trip. Last week I had one group and this week it will be 2 groups. We have had visitors at the farm, that I consider more like hosting than guiding. I didn’t realize how much I have been missing guiding until today.

Talking and showing gears, going thru about different lures/flies, techniques and water system. Depth and how fish are behaving and when fish are active etc. You know there are lot of things what you need to know when going fishing or what you have to ask from your guide.

At the moment, I mean these past 2 weeks and maybe one more to come, our pond is quite difficult to fish. There are still lot of snow covering the ice and fish are not really active yet. Well, they were when there was snowmobile tracks where light could go under ice, then it was some snowing and now lake is looking like as midwinter again.

So all this means that there are really short periods get strikes and if you don’t hook at first time, your change is gone. Ice fishing has still been okay, not easy and some action anyway. When most of the snow is gone from ice then is the best time in our pond for ice fishing. Weather what we have now it could be after next week.

Beside guiding I have been missing also social contact with same minded people. It is nice to share life and talk about different life and lifestyle. I have been still working with our remote travel experience, Reindeer talk, it is still in testing period. And we have plans to make some more similar things when this first take off some how.

If you or your kids want test it is free still. Here are short info about that:

we hope to get feedback afterwards. this is still pilot, so there are things we need to improve etc but it would be great if we could have guests for testing.

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Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland