Good Stuff on the Board!

Good Stuff on the Board!

Viking Lars | Saturday, 5 December 2015

Lars has been called away on short notice for a spot of Viking pillaging! Which allows me to quickly talk about the Board...

Good stuff on the Board!! Cool

IFFF CCI line selection - what line is best?
The age old angling question - do fish feel happy?
The greatest advances in fly fishing tackle - carbon, tungsten, plastic, iron or... bronze? Foot in Mouth
And finally, what is your favourite line weight for casting in the dark, on top of a mountain, listening to Pink Flyrod?

To answer any of these burning questions, or indeed to ask a new one of your own, then it's time to join the Board!

Join by simply dropping me an email at with any Username you fancy.

Have a great Saturday!! Kiss

Cheers, Paul