Good new for trout

Good new for trout

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 5 March 2021

I had other subject in my mind for this week. One new and things can really turn around. This headline was something that it can not be passed in anyway. There is long journey still ahead but first steps are taken in real world. Some really extra ordinary things can /will happen in future. I never thought that it would happen in short period and I had doubt if ever. This is for sure time to be happy that I was wrong. Dam is not going down yet, instead they will close it.

Kuusinki is one of the three mighty rivers in Kuusamo. Spawning area for trout, which is unique in Europe and in whole world. There are few similar water systems in whole world maybe. Our trout (big ones, can be +8 kg). Born in Finland, roam downstream to Russia and feast in lake Pääjärvi, return after few years to spawn in home rivers first time (they are around 60 cm), go back Russia, return etc.

Kuusinki trout will have 50 km new areas to spawn. Of course not all are river size but there is whole new world opening for Kuusinki trouts in 1.6.2022 at 00.00. (planned time) Some time ago few people were establishing  society/association called Kuusinki Kuntoon. (google says spruce in shape) Kuusinki is name of the river and kuntoon means in shape. So let’s called Kuusinki in shape, they started to negoations with river company about damn (n is in purpose there) in Myllykoski, first rapid in Kuusinki river and only water power plant in our area.

Today they have been signed letter of intent that dam is bought by Kuusinki in shape assocation. There are two well known Finnish people, one is business man Ilkka Herlin and and other one is former NHL goalie Miika Kiprusoff, who are putting money on this. There is also public money in (government programm), rest need to be fund by association. I will be in as soon as they have permissions etc for gathering funds.

This summer they will start to renew Piilijoki which is original river where trouts were going up before dam was built. They will need volunteers for that, count me in with quad, and funds also. Finnish WWF is taking part on that at least. I’m so thrilled about this new. It is what that beautiful river needs, it can be once again world class trout river as it just be before dam.

Of course there is some dark clouds also. I’m not worrying about funds, this is best possible time to get people in for this kind of event. Dark clouds are if there will be enough balls in members of fishing community. They have to make strict rules about net fishing in lakes, about regulations of fishing. Sun is after all shining for Kuusinki trout, I just hope that we don’t fuck up this time. Also I hope that in same time regulations are fixed in Kitka (in Oulanka river, trout fishing is forbidden allready). Also regulations about grayling fishing should be updated. When you start do right at one time.

The biggest thanks goes to association, and also all the participants who made the deal.

Happy weekend and trouts will be running free

Mika the Legend

Ps. Photo is my catch from Kuusinki few years ago and should be still spawning.  

Pss. deal was made Thursday 4.3.2021