Paul Arden | Monday, 29 March 2021

I managed to escape last week for some fun fishing time in one of my favourite remote parts of the lake. I was expecting to find snakehead parents with babies, which we did, but not many. Instead I found freerising activity. This is my favourite snakehead fishing. It’s also the most challenging!

So the game is you find territory where snakehead are air breathing. When they are active in the late morning, and sometimes again in the late afternoon, they will surface every 5-7 minutes to sip some air. They appear without warning, like a rising submarine, sip air, turn down and disappear. Your shot has to go in after they have turned down and while they are still near the surface.

So no false casting, close stealthy slipped-lift Pick Up and Lay Down shooting shots, often with angle changes. You need to be both fast and accurate. It’s psychedelic fly fishing. I landed three fish. With freerisers you get more shots, often the fish are smaller - but they can be big of course. Richard last year had a 6.5KG freeriser, I’ve had one 5.5KG about 6 months before the and I’ve lost a few lunkers over the years. This week they were all 2.5-3KG.

I have to resupply in town tonight and then it’s back to it. Next week I’m fishing for Ladyfish in Langkawi. That will make for a nice change and I’m quite excited about that.

Have a great week!

Cheers, Paul

Some photos below. I think I’ve managed to use the same fish twice but I don’t have time to find the right photo now :D

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