Fly Fishing the Atlantic ocean

Fly Fishing the Atlantic ocean

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Fly fishing the Atlantic ocean in Norway offers a fantastic learning trip for beginners and experts. Beginners get used to set the hook, fight and land the fish, remove the hook and finally how to give a proper release. Experts get the oppurtunity to fly fish for a serious sized fish. This might be cod, pollack, sea trout, even Atlantic salmon as well as many others. In addition we all find a fantastic nature and a perfect midnight sun in order to fish all around the clock!

Marina, Oliver and I have just been fly fishing the Norwegian islands around the main island Smöla for about a week. Fair to summarize - we had a blast! Enjoying the beauty of all the excellent water - and having it all for us (and us only) all week long - we caught a lot of great fish every single day. The fishing couldn't have been any better for us, I think!?

I don't know why this sort of fly fishing still is very uncommon among us fly fishermen (and women), while for the rest of the anglers there are many who have discovered this kind of angling to be their favorite one. Gladly though all of them hunt for the monster fish in the deep blue sea while we fly fishermen have an outstanding fishing world in the more shallow parts. Yes, there are big monsters waiting for us, too!

We will offer an educational fly fishing trip to Smöla again next year. I can't wait to be there again! Smöla also offers several lakes holding pretty nice Brown trouts under a very low fishing pressure. Next time we will include them to our weekly schedule as well.

Right now we have just arrived in south Germany for chasing one or two big carps as well as running a fly casting lesson. On Thursday we will go back home to fly fish our home waters for some days. No way out we will be chasing mullets very soon. Can't wait - since the big ones have just arrived in serious numbers!

I wish all of you a passionate week either!

All my best

P.s.: I think I am now a little ahead of Paul in the number of fishing days this season. Of course he is very close behind me! ;)

P.p.s.: Now that Paul starts fly fishing for carp as well, I needed to land a serious one today! ;)

Some pictures of the last days...

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