Fishing with Paul

Fishing with Paul

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 14 June 2022

The Malaysian borders are now fully open to International travellers who are fully vaccinated and without quarantine. There are now no Covid testing requirements before/after arrival. So here are our 2022 prices and availability slots.

July is completely out. I’m fully booked the first three weeks and then I have a 70.3 Ironman and some voice over obligations at the end of the month.

August-September I am planning on being in Europe. Just finalising things now.

First week in October is booked and then I am free to accept guests again. The good fishing will continue all the way through to the end of the year. January/February is generally very slow on the lake and so we shut down operations for a few months. It can be an excellent time to visit Sungai Tiang however.

October to January is an excellent time to find Snakehead adults and babies on the lake. It is also the Wet Season which here means afternoon or evening thunderstorms and a rising lake level. The lake level drops suddenly in early October in preparation for this, and these are three prime months for fly fishing the lake. On good days we can find 8-10 sets of babies. That’s excellent fishing. Sometimes we find more and of course, this is fishing, so sometimes we find less!

Generally we find little in the way of Giant Gourami fishing. However the Jungle Perch fishing can be excellent especially when the lake level is up into the trees. But mostly it’s all about sight fishing for Giant Snakehead for me.

You will need a rod of 8-10WT. 8 is risky on the fight but my go-to outfit. Lines must be tropical and floating. I use SA Bonefish and Infinity lines. Leaders and wire I assist!!

Flies I also help but if you want to experiment then we use Poppers usually around size 1 or 1/0.

There are three options. One is me teaching, positioning the boat for you, finding the fish and you casting! Ie fully guided. With full board accommodation and aboard the Battleship this is 600USD/day. Alcohol not included but encouraged. I can only take one person at a time in my boat this way.

However we also have a second fishing boat. With full board accommodation this boat can be fished for 250USD/day for one person and 350USD/ two persons.

Most anglers simply choose that I guide them on their first trip. But it is also possible to have a few days guided followed by time fishing on your own. Certainly I try to teach everything; how to find the fish, where to place the boat for the early shot and making that first shot count.

There are cheaper options if you are camping and I’m not cooking. But mostly I think that you should stay with me! The food is good!!

The Battleship has a fridge, a toilet and accommodation for up to three guests at a time.

Closest International Airport is Penang. Taxi to/from the airport to the lake costs 350MYR/80USD. If we are not busy we often can provide this ourselves with me making the trip. Otherwise we can organise it for you.

There is a resort on the lake; Belum Rainforest Resort, where I recommend you stay at the beginning and end of your trip. It’s a nice resort. I also have a friend who has a more budget orientated resort on another island about 10km from the highway. Belum Eco-resort. However the best way to fish is absolutely to stay with me on the Battleship for your fishing with resort stays only at the beginning/end of your trip. Many of the best fishing locations are too far from these resorts to be feasible for day trips and besides the lake is dangerous to travel at night, especially during the Wet Season when there are floating logs and lightning storms.

So I hope to see some of you over here this Wet Season. It’s some of the best fishing on the lake. Next year the fishing kicks off again around mid-March. More on this later! Email me on for more info/bookings.

Cheers, Paul