Fishing vest

Fishing vest

Viking Lars | Saturday, 21 November 2015

I think I've tried just about every carry system there is, and currently, I'm back at the good, old fishing vest (apart from when I'm in the float tube, pontoon boat or kayak). Salmon season has just ended, and last weekend, I was packing the gear away, including emptying the fishing vest, and I took this snap shot of the contents, and here's what I carry around.

On the picture you see the following:
1. 4 fly boxes (three for tubes, one for hook flies. The tube boxes are one box for black flies, one for not-black-flies and one for really small tubes).
2. Two boxes for tube fly hooks (one with singles, one with doubles. I'll be using less doubles last year, as one system has banned the use of anything but barbless single hooks!).
3. Three spools of leader material (0,31 - 0,36mm).
4. One small Box of Tricks.
5. One small box for hook guides for tubes.
6. Two hooks sharpeners (one fine for touching up, one a little coarser for more damaged hooks).
7. Different MOW-Tips for my RIO Scandi Short shooting head system and RIO Skagit Trout (10' T-8, T-11, T-14, 12'6" T-14 and T-17).
8. Spare leaders.
9. The Rio Scandi Short Shooting Head system, which is awesome!
10. Light weight rain jacket, which fits in the back pocket of my vest.

Apart from this, I'll stick a bottle of water in the vest (or carry it on my belt) and I also always bring my Abel pliers on the belt.

Anything else I need :-)?

Have a great weekend!