DUDE, have you seen my fish, this maybe the last one

DUDE, have you seen my fish, this maybe the last one

Ray | Friday, 27 February 2015

The newbie inadvertently getting into fly fishing and on the glory train could start like this!!


“Hey DUDE !! Let’s go to the DABarn tonight and check out the Fly fishing old fogies that are going to be there for the Fly Fishing movie tour thingy, whatever that is  !!


DUDE!!!! That sounds RAD, YEA let’s totally crash and trash them old farts, Steal their women and wine, with our coolness and good looks.


You bet DUDE!!!!  DUDE!! You know anything about Fly Fishing or Casting or this Film Tour DUDE???


Nooo DUDE, you??? NO but I bet it’s going to be Cool if it’s a tour!!

DUDE!! Maybe there will be some heavy metal bands there; they are showing something called the STEALHEAD SWING!!

WOOO!!! DUDE!!! And a film about “Two Handed Dildos”

 Later at the Da BARN, our two super heros have been turned down by all the sexy Fly fishing women, and a number of the men, so they settle in for cheap beer and the movies !!


DUDE this is lame!! But damn the movies are Cool !! Listen to that killer trac and look at that DUDE lifting that big Fish like a rock star or that tiger lion DUDE in the “Lion King” movie!!


DUDE ???  Did you watch that cartoon movie??


NOOO DUDE !! Did not!! It sucked anyway!!


DUDE!!! I’m Tired of the metro Lumber sexual  scene and Hipsters, I want to wear my flat brimmed hat on a Fishing stream and catch big fish and turn on girls like those DUDES!!!


Later on a nearby trout stream and after several thousands of dollars that were supposed to buy books and courses, our two Newbie Film and fly fishing heroes have their Facebook, Twitter, youtube and Instagram pages all set up, and are decked out in the latest bestest, fly fishing gear, including face covering buffs under flat brimmed hats, and cotton fish handling gloves with zinc paste on their noses..with seven different cameras set up around them to get the coolest angle of their hats, shirts, rods and reels, coolers in the background and of course awesome coolly ooh sunglasses..


Low and behold these two greenhorns catch a BowBrown Cuttthrout Pike hybrid and after getting a few quick shots,15 minutes later slide it back in the water..


They pack up while congratulating themselves on a great shoot, just like all their Mass media hard rocking heros rock, every time they hit the streamy ohh!!


Leaving behind on the bank,  7 Pils Beer Cans, 4  empty Nacho chips bags, an empty bottle of pink trout marshmallows,  3 wrappers for cheese slices,  Two wads of used toilet paper, and a dying BowBrown Cuttthrout Pike hybrid, that they never even took a second look at..


After scoring a great deal with a second rate Fishing tackle company they can be found doing the tour circuit, in Boliva..


Don’t you wish somebody had taken the time to consider what their films and actions really presented to these two and the hundreds or (gasp) thousands of other DUDES!!!


It is your responsibility, it does not stop after you edit the film and sign the deal!!.

This isn’t Hollywood; this is our streams, rivers, lakes and our fish!!! 


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