Childhood memories

Childhood memories

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 15 November 2019

Last Friday when my daughters were coming to visit me we talked about my childhood. No smartphones, computers etc, just playing with friends and some fishing. After that I started to think about which are my first memories about fishing. In FP photo is my first official catch when I was 2 years old. (I can’t remember that one) With fast check I couldn’t find so much photos about fishing even I know I have them somewhere. You know ones which are old fashion ones. But there is four memories which always popup on my mind when I think my fishing history.

My casting practising. I can remember how I has been training spinning casting on our backyard. In the end of line there was nut. I had some weight but not too much that I could break something with bad cast. Rod and reel was Daiwa. When I got more experience I could go with men (my dad and uncles) to fish.

Second one is my first brown trout. We went to fish one river about 150 km from our home. I can’t remember name of river or exact place but I remember spot very clearly. There was about 200 meter long rapid and then short calm water after that. River was turning to left and you could get access by car just next to river. It was nice place, we made fire just out in the bank and I went fishing. There was 4 rocks/stones, like a path in the river. I remember that my parents told me to be carefull not drop from stones when jumping on last one. I started to spinning and after while I hook the fish. It was my first brown trout, not huge probably about 40 cm. My dad came to help me with landing but he couldn’t come over the rocks. So I turned on my rock and moved fish that he could net it from shore. After he landed to fish he told me to be carefull again. My answer was something like yeah, I came here, I can come back….. And then I dropped from stone and my father lifted me up from neck. Luckily we had fire on so I could get dry.

Third one is with my dad and uncle. We were visiting in my uncle’s house when we heard that there was good fishing in one river right now. (afterwards I understood that there was fish farm and there was lot fish which has escaped, but on that time you don’t think about things like that) We got boat and went fishing over night. Fishing was crazy, we caught lot of rainbow trouts and some were taking when jus dropping lure out from boat. Nowadays I wouldn’t like fishing like that but think about when you are 10 years old and you get fish after fish and those are big ones. You will be hooked on fishing.

Fourth one is not really about fishing but getting ready. One summer day we are getting ready for night fishing trip with my dad and uncle. Adults are sitting on the yard and fixing flies and gears. I’m selecting flies and checking my gears. My dad is sitting on the grass, smoking tobacco. Tying flies in the lines and burning line little bit after making knot. Also he cutted line with tobacco. My uncle was smoking pipe, I can still remember that aroma which was coming from Clan, toffy. That was probably reason why I started to smoke pipe in somepoint, aroma from toffee. (not anymore)

My dad died when I was 11 years, so all these memories are before that age. But those are great ones. Fishing is best thing that you can do your pants on.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing with kids, make great memories for them.

Mika from Finland