Busy busy

Busy busy

Scott Loudon | Sunday, 5 July 2015

Apologies for missing last week - I hope the page on sight fishing was still useful one week on! It's been a very busy couple weeks for me and about to get a whole lot busier for the next few weeks. July is the busiest month of my working year so it puts a bit of a strain on all other things - especially fly fishing given the time commitment. I'm afraid this post is going to be a bit more life update than article but hey ho.

First up I've started physio to rehab my broken back. Turns out my glutes aren't working properly, my hip flexors are woefully stiff and my back muscles themselves (or what's left of them) are short and stuff. I had a deep tissue massage yesterday and my God was that sore! Boy do you feel good afterwards though, loosened things up to an amazing degree.

Secondly, I'm missing Paul, he's back in the UK for a short spell before Malaysia for months on end so that's a bummer. Maybe I'll go to Malaysia although I'm currently fancying some saltwater fishing. On a similar theme Ronan is back in Ireland!

The main thing I need to suss out is whether I can get some practice kit and perhaps some fishing kit in the bag with me for the next fortnight in Scotland with work. It'll be 14h days but with a 27g setup tucked away that should let me get some practice in in the late evenings if I get some time. My current thinking is one rod and a couple different heads to play with. The other interesting thing is the middle reaches of a great little river runs very close to where I'll be based and given it's mid summer there may be some surprising good dusk and nighttime options. I'll report back on this one, it's entirely possible that I won't get any free time!

Most exciting though is that tonight (well, yesterday by the time this goes live) I'm seeing AC/DC at Wembley! I saw them last 6 years ago and that rocked the hell out of Glasgow. Hoping London will be the same.

Normal service resumes next week with something casting or fly fishing hopefully!