Booby and remarks

Booby and remarks

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 4 December 2020

Past two weeks has been like walking dead, kind of. Our life goes around nature so, it will say what to do. So last week we thought that there will be break from reindeer work, but then things changed. Reindeer were coming on the areas where we need them to be for round-up. More snow was coming etc. So last week was reindeer and snow work. Begin of this week we delivered few hundreds kilos reindeer meat to south and last night I read Bernd’s FP. It remind me about Booby and some other remarks.

Booby is a fly, as you might know. Small streamer with floating eyes. It is looking as name says. I used it when fishing with sinking line for rainbow trout from our lake. It was good fly for that, I could use heavy sinking line and still had fly just above bottom, depending about length of leader. With booby I got more variations how to take fly in. So I found it more interesting to fish with that than with normal streamer.

There are some difficulties with Booby, because it is floating in mid water, it is possible that you don’t have straight feeling about fly and what is happening there. It might be problem with some fishes, as perch and whitefish. Those fish might just push fly or lure. Especially bigger fishes.

When ice fishing you can see from line movement differently. Line is going vertically, so I can see movement different way as flyfishing. Line could be short also, it could be only 50 cm and you can do sight fishing. So sometimes whitefish just lift the morri. Morri is small lure know as mormuska also, it is hook with driplet just behind eye. You put some maggots to hook and it is very efficient.

As I said some times whitefish just lift the lure. They come from down and push it up, line is getting loose and then you have to do some tricks to get fish make its final decission about take. Some times perch are doing similar thing but from side. You can see how line is moving sideaway but there is no weight. Perch just push lure like playing it, like testing that is this something to eat or what. You make some tricks and you get lucky or not.

So that will be problematic while fishing with Booby. You have to be aware about feeling the Booby. This comes in the calm water. Booby has habit to spin in fast water (speed) so you need to be carefull when take it in. In this context fast mean like full speed take in.

So when when fishing perch with fly you probably have more action than you know. If some one is saying that he get everything up which is coming to fly…. well maybe but there is bigger change that there are lot more fishes that he doesn’t even know about. It doesn’t matter which way it is, that makes fishing interesting. I sometimes spit to water when I saw small fishes next to deck. I do it just to see what fish will do, sometimes they kind of come to make a take but reject my saliva in last second. I spent maybe too much time play around like small kid. Anyway it is just observing and studying.

Have a nice weekend

Mika the Legend