Better order fast!

Better order fast!

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 1 December 2020

I’m covering for Gary today. With COVID and hurricanes, Gary has had limited water-time this year. It’s been a strange year for sure. Something else that we now have to worry about, is that next month no-one knows what – if any – sort of trade deal between the UK and Europe will look like... and with one month to go we still don’t know how to plan. Lars has just ordered his HT7063 no.666 to be sent before Xmas, which we will do. If you are on the mainland and you are thinking of ordering a Sexyloops HT rod then it would be prudent to do so as soon as possible. We do have complete rods in stock but any custom builds need about a week to build. I, like everyone else, has no idea what will happen next month but we are expecting challenges and have stocked up with as many HT blanks as we can. We have options, but whatever happens, the first months of 2021 are completely unknown and potentially very disruptive.

Apart from that it's all good. I have recovered from last week by sleeping a very long time indeed and I have a bunch of things to do today and then it's back to the Battleship for me to set about the big Toman that are teaching their young the ways of the wild. I also have some jobs to do on the boat and if anyone can actually get to me for a fishing trip before the year end then I will be doing this. It's hard at the moment, since Malaysia is under a movement control order which prevents interstate travel. 

Also I have a plan to head up to Sungai Tiang for some more Orang Asli guide training. The river has been in spate these last months but that won't prevent us preparing for next year and playing with Jungle Perch opportunities. I've never walked these rivers under such conditions but maybe, just maybe, the Perch will eat poppers – in which case I know what I'll be doing!

I have a million things to catch up on today. So I'll leave you with a couple of great Snook articles from Gary that you may have missed...


Have a great day!

Cheers, Paul