Approaching Christmas

Approaching Christmas

Viking Lars | Saturday, 22 December 2018

Some time ago - in december 2017, I wrote an FP about Oliver Edwards. I’ve been a fan of his ever since I took up flyfishing. His approach to semi realistic imitations using offthe-shelf materials is unique and what earned him his place and reputation in the industry.

Add to that his excellent film series, which I think is still some of the best flyfshing movies ever made, and I think he’s about ready for knighthood (que Queen Elizabeth II). What then really adds to the whole thing is his character and his deep roots in the Yorkshire flyfishing tradition.

But that’s not really what this is about. That frontpage was really to ask the readers if anyone happened to be sitting on cards of Oliver Edwards Sparkle Yarn, which is a material I really like, and it’s now discontinued.

Jeff replied - not long after that FP. He replied that he had some, I replied back if he was willing to part with it. He replied back about a month later (with an excuse for the delay), and somehow I managed to completely overlook that message - until a few days ago.

So - a year later I reply back, and now it seems that the yarn is on it’s way. I thought I was out of luck and that Jeff had parted with it long ago, but not so.

What this really is a testament to is the sharing mentality that goes through the flyfishing world. Much in tune with the Christmas spirit that I hope has settled in with everyone?

Thanks Jeff - I can’t wait to re-supply my now very thin stock of Sparkle Yarn.

The PoD is the same as in the 1 year old front page - my own pattern imitating the emerging Heptagenia sulphurea (Yellow May Dun - with Sparkle Yarn abdomen), and there’s a video of the tying on the Ahrex YouTube channel.

Have a great weekend!