Another Year

Another Year

Andy Dear | Thursday, 10 December 2020

They say "time flies when you're having fun". I can now officially confirm this old saying to be true, as this week marks not only my 100th Front Page, but also exactly 2 years since I got the call from Paul to write for the sexiest fly fishing website on the inter-webs, and it does indeed seem like yesterday.

  I still vividly remember when I first stumbled onto the Sexyloops site back around 2003 or so. It didn't take very long to realize that this was THE place for folks interested in the outer limits of high-performance fly casting. I vividly remember (among other things) when Carl first proposed his controversial "flying pulleys" theory. I also remember getting my first Sexyloops DVD, which I am pretty sure I still have. I also remember when Carlos Azpilicueta so graciously published a detailed analysis of a casting game I had devised for developing speed, accuracy, and distance control for saltwater fly presentations that he called "Andy's Game". Carlos even went so far as to add a short video of several of his colleagues engaged in the challenge! This is still an exercise that Jackson and I use to this day to keep the ol' sword sharp.You can visit this archived article that was posted way back in 2004 by clicking on this link:

I also remember when Paul was driving through Texas on his way to visit Bill Gammell, and called me with a gracious offer to spend a few minutes together getting to know one another. Rather than meet at a local cafe or coffee house, we met on the side of the Interstate 10 highway where we proceeded to cast a 7wt.  Lamiglas Perigee I had just recently put the finishing touches on. Judging by the frequent horn honking by the long haul truck drivers, they obviously got a kick out of these two vagabonds waving a whippy stick in the air with not a drop of water for a fish to swim in for at least a mile around.

Back in 1989 when I was a freshman at a local junior college, I had a professor named Dr. Doris Epner, who wrote a nice note on one of my early essay submissions that read "you have a natural talent as a writer". At the time I was only 19, and didn't think much of it,n't even remember what the essay was about. I was much more interested in being a long haired heavy metal guitar player than a writer at that stage in my life. However, when I look back on her observation almost 31 years later, it does make me grin a little bit. Although I am not sure I would go so far as to claim that I have a natural talent at anything other than telling a good story with a bit of flair. To be honest, I am still shocked that anybody at all in the fly fishing community finds anything that an old redneck rod builder from South Texas has to say of value regarding fly fishing philosophy or practice. But, I am damn sure glad that you do, because writing for Sexyloops has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my so called "career" in angling. 

Hope you're all staying safe and healthy!