Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 2 April 2021

As I told last week we are planning some accomandation. Friday evening we got that to the goal. So I’m really happy to open this case little bit. It is opening some great possibilities to you as fisherman when visiting our area. And not just for you but if you have companion with you, there is change that she/he is not so worried about you spending so much time in the river, because she/he will love to hang out in our logde.

So starting from beginning of July we have moveable accomandation. It is kind of caravan but still it is not. I have been moving around with caravan and also with camper. I prefer camper but in this case our moveable ”lodge” is best choice to you.

Have you ever find great spot close to river and it would be nice to spend night or two over there. So you would be able to fish when ever you want? With our moveable lodge it is possible. In our ”lodge”, you will have kitchen with basic equipment for cooking, living room with panorama window. There is a couch in living room which can be turned to double-bed. There is toilet and then not shower but…. sauna. Sauna is wooden heated and you will get hot water when heating sauna. So you can wash up yourself etc.

On the roof there will be solar panels for uploading batteries. Lights and everything are working from battery or gas. Toilet tank and water tank are big enough that you are self-sufficient 2-4 nights, depending how much water or toilet you are using. There is diesel heater for cold nights also. So I think this is much better than camper or caravan. You have more space and I will built some rod holders etc to use.

So basicly you can have a cabin where ever you want. It can be close to fishing spot and you can fish when you feel like that. If you have car it is easy to discover area and come back to ”lodge”, wash up etc. We haven’t decide price/night. (that won’t be treshold). Of course if we deliver logde somewhere there will some extra cost from that. You can also use our logde at the farm, then you have to use car to go fishing but that is also good option. And remember that we have our own private lake also to use.

We are really excited about this new ”logde”. It will give to you more possibilities when fishing in our area.

Have a happy Easter

Mika from Finland

ps Fp photo is taken at night with full moon, who says that it dark in here

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