A nice spot...

A nice spot...

Paul Arden | Saturday, 27 August 2016

To be stranded for a few days!!

I managed to flatten the truck battery last night and of course I have no jumper leads. Looks like I have a small hike today. There was a time when I would always flatten the battery uploading Sexyloops, then the tag line was "Sexyloops - coming from a hill top near you" because after uploading I would bump start the truck. There aren't many hills in Estonia.

Actually it's good timing because I have loads of Board registrations to process as well as an oasis of emails that need answering. So being stranded = work time in Sexyloops. Of course there are fishing opportunities here being so close to the water. But since this is saltwater (albeit not exactly salty in the way most seas are) fishing will be in the most part completely imaginary. Ashly and I tried last night. Ashly imagined she caught a small silver fish and I imagined I had a take. 

Next at weekend we'll be in Switzerland and Daniela's fly shop giving a demo or two for the open day and then giving a casting course on the Sunday. Please get in touch if you're interested in either. There are stil a few slots available for my course (or at least there were last weekend). After Switzerland it's down to Hungary for the Sexyloops wine harvest and then fishing in Bosnia. It's nice for change not to be driving driving driving, even if it does mean I have a flat battery!!

Have a great weekend and I hope you catch some imaginary or not so imaginary fish wherever you are. And I hope the wind stops because right now all I see if white horses all the way from here to Sweden!

Cheers, Paul