3 weeks and 20 pounds gone

3 weeks and 20 pounds gone

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 5 November 2021

It has been hectic 3 weeks. It has been 3 weeks from last FP. Two weeks ago, I had to ask Paul to cover me when we had wolf hunting starting suddenly and last week reindeers started to roam south, Paul covered me again. To be honest weather has not been on our side lately. First we got winter and I had to cancel last fishing trip because lakes got ice cover. Then warm came and snow what we allready had almost 30 cm started to go away. It turned to slush and things where looking shitty.

Our luck was that it rained two days and it has been + 3-4 degrees about one week now. So all the snow is basicly gone and ground is black again. So we can have new start for winter. That is good news for reindeer and me.

We are have trainees from France now and we are building extension to winter fence for reindeer. Earlier in the summer we re-opened ditches and put pipes to get water out from fence. Heavy rain made ground collapse and pipes got covered with mud and water couldn’t go thru. Another problem was on hand, luckily trainees opened all the pipes and situation is now good. I just have to maintain waders again because those were used during this opening ceremony.

Fishing is totally stopped now. There is thin ice on lakes so you can’t go ice fishing neither fishing in anyway. I have few ice fishing trip booked starting from December so hopefully ice will be better then. It looks like coming weekend will be day off. And as I say so there will be some sudden things to do, we see.

What I mean about 3 weeks and 20 pounds gone, well 8 weeks ago we changed our diet at home. More salad and vegetables, more fish, no bread, pasta, rice at all etc. I have lost about 3 pounds per week. I got some extra pounds during corona lockdown and now those are gone and some extra.

Let’s open travelling again and go fishing.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland