Paul Arden | Tuesday, 19 September 2023

The current On The Fly episodes on Discovery Asia are Gourami and Ikan Kelah. The Gourami was shot up here on Mystery Lake X and the Kelah down in Taman Negara. That was certainly a fun trip! If you are in SE Asia you can see this show, otherwise it might be possible with VPN. Certainly I’m watching the Rugby World Cup through VPN and enjoying that thoroughly.

Bit of a quickly written FP this one, sorry! I’m off to Gerik for a half marathon training run. Still not quite into my Ironman Taper yet (I hate those things, but I think this time I’m going to actually need it and welcome the rest!!).

I’m uploading the 120’ video filmed with Nick. Now a few things about this… The techniques included ie Stopless deliveries and the 170, really have fantastic uses for taking shots and dealing with the wind for example. So it’s certainly not only for “competition casting”, however as a 5WT distance measurement, this one certainly is competitive casting.

I hope you enjoy it. Nick did most of the editing. When I watched it through, it appeared that my jungle internet was a little broken. Sorry about that. It might have been the incoming storm that saw me off the roof dodging lightning strikes.

This week, the other big news, is that on Friday to be exact, Sexyloops is 25 years young. Wow 25 years of something that I started by mistake. Fantastic!! I’ll get this Ironman out the way we will organise a celebration event. What will I be doing on this momentous occasion? I’ll be fly fishing and have a campfire of course!

Have a great week and remember to take yourself very seriously, because no one else does.