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Welcome to the Sexyloops Glossary; a landmark in flyfishing knowledge. Never before in history has such a massive undertaking been attempted. We are thinking the unthinkable: the ultimate collection of flyfishing terms and their definitions here at Sexyloops.

In this ever changing world in which we live, many people find themselves both lost and confused by all the technical words and phrases in use today. Do not worry. We are here to help. Moved by compassion, we have decided to help mankind understand flyfishing a little better. In these pages you will discover enlightening truth; definitions of complicated words such as trout, fly and reservoir.

Understand that this section is not yet complete and may never be so. Perhaps you know of a secret flyfishing word that you cannot find in this glossary, or maybe you find some of these definitions a little confusing (I know I do) and you may find yourself wishing to share some deeper wisdom. If so, then please email us with your addition. If we find your word or definition an agreeable and useful insight into the world of flyfishing, we'll add it and accredit your name with itsí inclusion (just in case you're wrong).

I know that this is a little bit different and maybe you have actually come looking for a specific word or phrase. If this is you, and you cannot find it contained herein, then too bad.

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