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Paul Arden's Fly Casting Manual
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everything is an inventionWelcome to a Sexyloops cornerstone. The Flycasting Manual is a comprehensive section covering and describing individual casts in as much detail as necessary.

Through the means of photos, sketches, animated GIFS and short movies I hope to be able to give a complete and unique approach to defining flycasting.

This section is continually developing, and relies upon your feedback. So if you have any thoughts, questions or general feedback then please email me.

In order to keep in tune with new uploads to this section I would certainly recommend joining the Sexyloops 'snapcast' mailing list.

Worth checking out is the article sexyloops on this site - a sightly more technical version to that which appeared in Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine.

As a further note: sexyrod - the definitive guide to fly rod testing, is also here.

After a couple of years of feedback on this section I've made quite a few changes! These have been done to help you navigate your way around more easily and so that you can print out those parts that you want without losing any text.

You can travel through from start to finish if you're just beginning or if this is your first time at this site. Alternatively you can go directly to the tip.


This symbol indicates the link to a short movie clip. I have tried to keep download times to the minimum, and have only used movies where I think that you will find them useful.

If you are looking for online instruction try The Experience
If you are seeking inspiration try Dirty Harry.

Finally here is a PDF version of much of the Manual!

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