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"Summer Morsels: THE SEX PISTOL"
by Christian Strixner

Hi Guys!

Although it doesn´t look like it at the time of writing this article, we are approaching the heights of summer here in NZ. Top temperatures are at around 10 degree Celsius, there is fresh snow on the mountain peaks and one wouldn´t believe it, but in a few weeks time, trout sooner or later will rise to big summer terrestrials - or they won´t. But for the sake of this article we wanna presume that they will.

Summer in general is a great time, and for us blokes even more. The girlies are nicely dressed and are wearing short skirts causing rear end collisions on the boulevards. I haven´t had one for a long time - most probably because I´m married since 13 years. And looking at the girlies would be even more dangerous for me. So I stay away from the cities, and I concentrate on fishing. But nevertheless I´m still faced with other "hot legs" of some sorts.

Summer dryfly fishing here in NZ is always linked to cicada fishing. Many of us would, and I´m no exception here, look for a nice and juicy cicada pattern in the flybox first - or wouldn´t we? But what about crickets - and what about hoppers? And there are some big caddis flies fluttering around in the evening as well! Consequently I was looking for something that could do the trick for all the bugs. I know, I know, all has been emerging from the tying vices already, "Carthy´s GT" for instance or the Chernobyl ant. But the Madam X look never convinced me thoroughly. Flies are becoming better troutcatchers the more they become worn out and Chernobyl ants always keep their "nuclear look". I didn´t want to have a dandy for the boulevard I was rather looking for the riffraff.

So here is a pattern that I would like to introduce you to - maybe you wanna give it a go! I would be very pleased about a response, be it positive or not! I´m convinced, some of you may have tied a similar pattern already but at least the tying steps for the legs might be new to you! It envolves the tying of "hot legs", but this time I utilize a different tying technique. You will easily pick up the tying steps from the pictures.

Just a few words on creating the legs. Put some deerhair in one palm and press with the forefinger of the other hand on the deerhair in a circular motion. This should result in a "deerhair ball". Then tease out the ball and make it look like a string of tobacco for rolling a cigarette. Put this string into your dubbing loop and start twisting. During twisting you might want to tease out more deerhair with a velcro strip. Wrap the dubbing string around the hook shank and whipfinish. Trim accordingly! Done!

And last but not least, there are some good things about this fly: the devotees of a clear and neat flytying style look at the rear end of the bug and the fans of a more scruffy style look at the other end. And eventually, although this does not comfort me at all, these are still some legs I´m permitted to put my hands on - sorry girls!

You want a name for this fly? - as we had some dam´ good fishing with it, Paul would call it a very sexy one - so I call it "THE SEXPISTOL" , have fun!

Tying steps:

  1. Wind on a piece of foam for an abdomen on a dryfly hook for instance TMC 9300 size 12
  2. Wind on a cock or hen hackle (quality doesn´t matter, you cut the fibres short anyway!)
  3. Wind on rear legs (strands of pheasant tail or other feathers)
  4. Wind on dearhair wing
  5. Wind on "hot legs" as described above or in "hot legs article".

Tight lines
Christian Strixner (Canesplitter)
Jan '07

Christian Strixner and his wife Tina, are two of my favourite New Zealand travel friends - they spend four months each year living out a Unimog in the South Island. For the rest of the year Christian lives in Munich splitting the cane and designing trout flies. He's handy with an axe.


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