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"Winging it"
by Christian Strixner

Hi Guys!

So, you know Paul and you know Sexyloops... is there anything new I can tell you about New Zealand? Some of you may have been there, others still want to go, yet others are hooked for a lifetime. Perhaps the best approach to convince your partner to spend a holiday Down Under is to present a large bouquet of flowers. “Why?” you ask. Well, prior to planning your trip you need the agreement from the “government”. The flowers are for the lady and the clear wrapping foil is for you! Again, “Why?” Well, if you are planning to travel in the height of summer you will undoubtedly encounter chirping cicadae. And when they are around dryfly fishing can be at its best. The average size of a cicada is close to 1 inch but there are monsters of up to three inches long! They have a very distinctive pair of wings and sometimes it can pay to tie more lifelike patterns. The wrapping foil is a basic material for this venture.

  1. Crumple the foil and put it in a filmbox for a while
  2. Take a broad cello tape and draw the dominant outline of the wings with a permanent marker on the sticky side of the tape.
  3. Put the cello tape on the flattened foil and cut the wings.
  4. Tie a neat fly and find a hungry “sucker”.

Tight lines

Christian Strixner and his wife Tina, are two of my favourite New Zealand travel friends - they spend four months each year living out a Unimog in the South Island. For the rest of the year Christian lives in Munich splitting the cane and designing trout flies. He's handy with an axe.


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