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Streamside [experiment]

This is a quick experiment to show you what I have in mind for Streamside...

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

First forget the layout because I'm using a PoD template, imagine something sexier...

Evening on the Missouri, sedges are out. I've been here for three days tweaking the flies (you've missed out on that of course, but I'm now onto Claret bodies - the naturals are Tan/dark Olive and we're talking #16/18.

Lots of flies above the bushes doing some sexy dancing (or at least that's what they think).

One comes along and lands on my finger. Interesting fact: sedges are attracted to me, especially my bald head and they often try to shag me. Large Upwings however try to avoid me. Spooky.

That's a fish rising, amazing that I'm not a professional photographer really.

Streamside kit out in a flash, half a dozen deer hair sedges with claret SF body tied to some funky music.

Difficult to tell them apart. Notice how everything is out of focus - that's difficult to accomplish. Mine only looks bigger and that's because the real one is currently crawling around my finger.

Who said Fluff isn't sexy?

Oh yeah, so I go out and nail one fish, which somehow gets hooked in the tail. It's a brown of about 1 1/2 lb and I forget to photo him, because I can't see the point in photgraphing small fish after NZ. Of course that will all change now. And then I hook a really nice fish on the next cast which breaks me. And that was it really, I did find some more fish but I couldn't reach them. Tonight however, I will do great things... and nail the bastards.

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