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The Good Men

This is a re-run of an old PoD. It shows another important part of the future of our sport - making sure that the rivers are in a good condition to support wild populations of trout and other fish.

In the background, you might be able to discern that this little stream runs into a larger stream. This little tributary is one of many important spawning-grounds for both seatrout and browntrout in this stream.

These good men are from the fishing-club that holds the fishingrights and they are contructing gravelbeds for trout to spawn in.

The work is quite simple, although hard. Large amounts of gravel are poured into the stream, and subsequently spread by hand using shovels and forks. Larger stone are placed to create restingplaces and meandering currents.

The club will continue this work for the next couple of months, and the most amazing thing is that the gravelbeds that are constructed later in the autumn, will be taken into to use just one or two days after the work is done. Just as soon as the current has washed out the silt, the seatrout invade the gravelbeds!.

Edited by Viking Lars

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